Konshens whose real name is Garfield Spence,  was born in Sherlock, Kingston, Jamaica. He is a dancehall reggae artiste who performs four different genres of music, these are Reggae, Dancehall, Pop and Reggaeton. He broke onto the music scence in 2005 with hits such as “Winner”, “Rasta Impostor”, “This Means Money”, “Good Girl Gone Bad”, “Gal Dem A Talk”, “Realest Friend”, “Represent”, and “Forward”. “Good girl Gone Bad” was featured on reggae artiste Tarrus Riley’s Contagious Album. That same year he released a single called “Pon Di Corner” which was a major hit in Japan, and led to a month-long tour of the country and a Japan only release album.

He has so far released two albums, the second “Real Talk” was released by Japanese label Koyashi in 2010. A third album was also announced to be released in Jamaica on Tad Dawkins’ Tad’s International label. He has also launched his own Subkonshus label in 2010, working with new acts including his brother Delus. He said that he got his musical influences from veteran reggae singer Beres Hammond.

In May 2011, he was one of several high-profile Jamaican celebrities to take part in a march in Torrington Park calling for an end to political rivalry in the area, commemorating a fire in May 1980 at the Eventide Home which killed over 150 elderly women, for which politically-motivated arson was suspected. In the same year his song called “Jamaican Dance” feat. Elephant Man was featured in a video dance game called “Just Dance 3.” Just Dance 3 has more than 45 songs from multiple genres and popular artistes, as well as top Billboard tracks. It is said to feature artistes like BOB, Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg, Cee Lo Green, Taio Cruz, Rihanna, Janelle Monte and LMFAO.


Artist: Konshens
Title: Represent (Explicit)
Album:Mental Maintenance
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2012)
Buy Album: £7.99 (2012)
Artist: Konshens
Title: All About the Paper
Album: Real Talk (CD)
Buy MP3: £1.09 (2009)
Buy Album: £21.99 (2010)

Real Talk (2010) – Japan only, Mental Maintenance (2012).

Collaborative albums
“Medi (feat. Delus)” Intouch Riddim (with Various Artists) (2008).


“Bruk off” (2016), “Don Daddy” (2014), “Duppy Dem” (2014), “Touch you” (2014), “Come Get this” (2014), “Money” feat Masicka (2014), “Independent Girl” (2014), “Forever Young” (2014), “Weed on Me” (2014), “To her with Love” (2013), “We no Worry bout Them” feat Romain Virgo (2013), “Turbo wine” feat Rickman (2013), “Sekkle Dung” feat Raine Seville (2013), ” We a Hustle” (2013), “Pull up to MI Bumper” & J Capri (2013), “Show Yourself” (2013), “Weak” (2013), “Tan up an Wuk” (2013), “Depend On You” (2013), “Give Praise” (2013), “Walk and wine” (2013), “U better Miss Me” (2013), “Couple up” (2013), “Jiggle” (2013).

“I’m Coming” (2012), “Mad Mi” (2012), “On Your Face” (2012), “So Mi Tan” (2012), “Gal A Bubble” (2012), “Do Sum’n” (2012), “Shat A Fyah” (2012), “Stop Sign” (2012), “Touch Regular” (2012), “Gyal Sidung” (2012), “Represent” (2011), “Forward” (2011) “Buss A Blank” (2011), “Touch Back Again” (2011), “Bounce Like A Ball” (2011), “Jamaican Dance” (2011), “Bad Gyal” (2011), “Weak”(reggae) (2010), “Realest Medz” (2010), “Gal Dem A Talk” (2010), “Realest Song” (2010), “Winner” (2008), “Rasta Imposter”, “This Means Money”, “Pon Di Corner” (2005) – with Delus.

Featured in

“Don’t Let Me Down” (Dom Da Bomb & Electric Bodega Remix) (The Chainsmokers feat. Daya & Konshens), “Can’t Wait” (Kreesha Turner feat. Konshens) (2016), “No Friend Zone” (Mink Jo feat. Konshens) (2016), “Policeman” (Eva Simons feat. Konshens) (2015), “Want Dem All” (Sean Paul feat. Konshens) (2014), “Feels Right” (Pleasure P feat. Konshens) (2014), “Good Girl Gone Bad” (Tarrus Riley feat. Konshens).

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