Kiara Saulters (born 24 May 1995). Known professionally as Kiiara. Is an American singer and songwriter. From Wilmington, Illinois. She is currently signed to Atlantic Records. Her music is described as downcast electronic pop with bass-heavy, trap-style rap production. Kiara Saulters first attended Saint Francis Xavier Day School. In LaGrange, Illinois. After her parents divorced. Kiiara grew up in Wilmington, Illinois. She attended Wilmington High School where she played for the school’s volleyball team. While recording her breakout EP. She also worked as a hardware store clerk. She started a studio internship to help her familiarize herself with the music process and get practice recording.

Recording under her real name. Kiara Saulters independently released an acoustic pop single in 2013. Entitled “Bring Me Back”. After being signed under Atlantic Records and changing to her stage name. Kiiara released her debut single “Gold” in June 2015. Her debut EP. Low kii savage, was released on 22 March 2016. The official music video for “Gold”. Published on 21 March 2016, quickly garnered popularity and reached five million views. By mid-May 2016. “Gold” was chosen as background music of a 15-second Apple Watch commercial. Titled “Style” in 2015. Kiiara made her television debut 15 September 2016 performing “Gold”. On The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Kiiara cites Eminem, Rihanna. Yelawolf, and Linkin Park as her influences. Her producer’s  that she work with are the Cataracs’ Niles Hollowell-Dhar and David Singer-Vine, as well as Brenton Duvall and Felix Snow. Who often produce for alt-R&B singer SZA.


Artist: Kiiara
Title: Gold
Album: Low Kii Savage
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2016)
Buy Album: £4.99 (2016)
Artist: Kiiara
Title: Intention
Album: Low Kii Savage
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2016)
Buy Album: £4.99 (2016)

Extended plays
Low Kii Savage (Released: 22 March 2016, Label: Atlantic).

“Hang Up tha Phone” (2016 Albums  Low Kii Savage). “Feels” (2016 Albums  Low Kii Savage). “Gold” (2015 Albums  Low Kii Savage). “Bring Me Back”  (2015 Albums  Low Kii Savage).

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