Jason Derulo

Jason Joel Desrouleaux (born 21 September 1989). Known professionally as Jason Derulo. Is an American singer, songwriter, and dancer. Since the start of his solo recording career in 2009. Derulo has sold over 30 million singles and has achieved eleven platinum singles. Including “Wiggle”, “Talk Dirty”, “In My Head”, and “Whatcha Say”.

Jason Derulo has released four studio albums. One re-issued album, two compilation albums, two extended plays, 29 singles (including eight as a featured artist), and 15 music videos. Before Derulo established himself as a solo artist, he wrote songs for many artists, including Lil Wayne, Pitbull, Pleasure P and Cassie. He also wrote “Bossy” for rapper Birdman, and made a guest appearance on the song, which highlighted his ability as a vocalist.

After signing with Beluga Heights Records. Derulo released his debut single “Whatcha Say” in May 2009. It reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified triple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The song served as the lead single from Derulo’s self-titled debut studio album. Which was released on 2 March 2010 and reached number 11 on the Billboard 200. “In My Head” and “Ridin’ Solo” were released as the album’s second and third singles respectively. While both attained peaks within the top 10 in multiple countries, “In My Head” became Derulo’s first number-one single in the likes of Australia and the United Kingdom. A further two singles were released from the album: “What If” and “The Sky’s the Limit”.

Derulo’s second studio album Future History. Was released on 16 September 2011. Lead single “Don’t Wanna Go Home” preceded its release in May 2011. Where it became the artist’s second number-one single in the United Kingdom. The second single taken from the album. “It Girl” also achieved success, reaching the top five in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. “Breathing” and “Fight for You” were also released from the album in 2011; with both attaining top 10 peaks in Australia. In May 2012, Derulo released “Undefeated” as the first and only single from the re-release of Future History. Despite managing to reach number 14 in Australia, “Undefeated” performed poorly on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching number 99 and failing to chart altogether in the United Kingdom.

In April 2013, Derulo unveiled the lead single from his third studio album; Tattoos, “The Other Side” saw Derulo return to the top five in Canada for the first time since 2009. Reaching number 17 in the United States and the top five in Australia and the United Kingdom. Derulo’s third studio album in the US, Talk Dirty. Outsold his previous best debut Jason Derulo and included two top 10 platinum singles: “Talk Dirty” and “Wiggle”. As of 2015, Derulo has sold 28 million albums and songs combined in the US.

Derulo released his fourth album Everything Is 4 in May 2015. It produced the worldwide hit single “Want to Want Me”, which topped the UK Singles Chart for four weeks.


Artist: Jason Derulo
Title: Want to Want Me
Album: Everything Is 4
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2015)
Buy Album: £7.09 (2015)
Artist: Jason Derulo
Title: The Other Side
Album: Tattoos (Explicit)
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2013)
Buy Album: £7.99 (2013)
Artist: Jason Derulo
Title: Don’t Wanna Go Home (Explicit)
Album: Future History
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2011)
Buy Album: £8.19 (2011)
Artist: Jason Derulo
Title: Whatcha Say
Album: Jason Derulo
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2010)
Buy Album: £3.49 (2010)
Artist: Jason Derulo
Title: Kiss the Sky (Explicit)
Album: Platinum Hits
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2016)
Buy Album: £9.99 (2016)
Artist: Jason Derulo
Title: Talk Dirty
Album: Talk Dirty (CD)
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2013)
Buy Album: £8.38 (2014)
Artist: Jason Derulo
Title: It Girl (R.A.W Club Mix) (Explicit)
Album: Reloaded
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2011)
Buy Album: £8.69 (2011)
Artist: Jason Derulo
Title: Ridin’ Solo (Explicit)
Album: Ridin’ Solo
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2010)
Buy Album: £2.49 (2010)
Artist: Jason Derulo
Title: Whatcha Say
Album: The Sky’s The Limit
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2010)
Buy Album: £2.99 (2010)
Artist: Jason Derulo
Title: Wideboys Club Mix
Album: Whatcha Say EP
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2009)
Buy Album: £2.99 (2009)

Studio albums

“Everything Is 4” (2015). “Tattoos” (2013). “Future History” (2011), “Jason Derulo” (2010).

Re-issued albums

“Talk Dirty” (2014 (US)).

Compilation albums
“Platinum Hits” (2016). “Reloaded” (2011 (US)).

Extended plays
“Talk Dirty” (2014 (FRA)). “Tattoos” (2013 (US)). “Jason Derulo: Special Edition – EP” (2011 (US)).

As lead artist

“If It Ain’t Love” (2016 Non-album single). “Get Ugly” (2015 Everything Is 4). “Try Me” (featuring Jennifer Lopez and Matoma) (2015 Everything Is 4). “Cheyenne” (2015 Everything Is 4). “Want to Want Me” (2015 Everything Is 4). “Bubblegum” (featuring Tyga) (2014 Tattoos and Talk Dirty).”Wiggle” (featuring Snoop Dogg) (2014 Tattoos and Talk Dirty). “Stupid Love” (2014 Tattoos and Talk Dirty). “Trumpets” (2013 Tattoos and Talk Dirty). “Marry Me” (2013 Tattoos and Talk Dirty). “Talk Dirty” (featuring 2 Chainz) (2013 Tattoos and Talk Dirty).

“The Other Side” (2013 Tattoos and Talk Dirty), “Pick Up the Pieces” (2012 Future History), “Undefeated” (2012 Future History), “Fight for You” (2011 Future History), “Breathing” (2011 Future History), “It Girl” (2011 Future History), “Don’t Wanna Go Home” (2011 Future History), “The Sky’s the Limit” (2010 Jason Derulo), “What If” (2010 Jason Derulo), “Ridin’ Solo” (2010 Jason Derulo). “In My Head” (2009 Jason Derulo), “Whatcha Say” (2009 Jason Derulo).

As featured artist

“Hands” (Various Artists for Orlando) (2016 Album N/A). “Hello Friday” (Flo Rida featuring Jason Derulo) (2016 Album The Perfect 10). “Secret Love Song” (Little Mix featuring Jason Derulo) (2016 Album Get Weird). “Drive You Crazy” (Pitbull featuring Jason Derulo and Juicy J) (2015 Album Globalization). “Follow Me” (Hardwell featuring Jason Derulo) (2015 Album United We Are). “Chingalinga” (Alyxx Dione featuring Jason Derulo) (2015 Non-album single). “This Is How We Roll” (Remix) (Florida Georgia Line featuring Jason Derulo and Luke Bryan) (2014 Album Here’s to the Good Times). “Make a Move” (Tiffany Queen featuring Jason Derulo) (2013 Non-album singles). “Test Drive” (Jin Akanishi featuring Jason Derulo) (2011 Non-album singles), “Take You Anywhere” (Shortyo featuring Jason Derulo) (2010 Album Father Forgive Me), “Text” (Mann featuring Jason Derulo) (2010 Album Mann’s World).

Promotional singles

“Kiss the Sky”  (2016 Album Platinum Hits), “Naked” (2016 Non-album singles), “Cyberlove” (featuring Mims) (2013 Non-album singles), “Make It Up as We Go” (2011 Album Future History), “That’s My Shhh” (2011 Album Future History).

Other charted songs
“Fire” (featuring Pitbull) (2013 Album Tattoos), “Coming Home” (Pixie Lott featuring Jason Derulo) (2010 Album Turn It Up Louder).

Guest appearances
“Baby You” The Game (2016 Album 1992), “If I Ever Fall in Love” Pentatonix (2015 Album Pentatonix),  “Can You Feel the Love Tonight / Nants Ingonyama” Various (2015 Album We Love Disney). “That Ohh Ohh” Shortyo (2012 Album Father Forgive Me). “Together” Demi Lovato (2011 Album Unbroken). “Coming Home” Pixie Lott (2010 Album Turn It Up Louder). “My Life” Pitbull (2007 Album The Boatlift). “Bossy” Birdman (2007 Album 5 * Stunna).

Music videos
As lead artist

“Kiss the Sky” (2016 Director: Andy Hines). “If It Ain’t Love” (2016 Director: Jason Derulo & Joe Labisi). “Naked” (2016 Director: Bernard Gourley), “Get Ugly” (2015 Director: Syndrome). “Cheyenne” (2015 Director: Syndrome). “Want to Want Me” (2015 Director: Colin Tilley). “Wiggle” (featuring Snoop Dogg) (2014 Director: Colin Tilley). “Stupid Love” (2014 Director: Gil Green). “Trumpets” (2013 Director: Collin Tilley, Jason Derulo). “Marry Me” ((2013 Director: Hannah Lux Davis). “Talk Dirty” (featuring 2 Chainz) (2013 Director: Colin Tilley). “The Other Side” (2013 Director: Colin Tilley). “Fight for You” (2011 Director: Colin Tilley). “Breathing” (2011 Director: Colin Tilley). “It Girl” (2011 Director: Colin Tilley). “Don’t Wanna Go Home” (2011 Director: Rich Lee). “The Sky’s the Limit” (2010 Director: Kevin Shulman). “What If” (2010 Director: Ethan Lader). “Ridin’ Solo” 2010 Director: Scott Speer). “In My Head” (2010 Director: Kai Crawford). “Whatcha Say” (2009 Director: Bernard Gourley).

As featured artist

“Chingalinga” (Alyxx Dione featuring Jason Derulo) (2015 Director: Dano Cerny). “Test Drive” (Jin Akanishi featuring Jason Derulo) (2011 Director: Frank Borin). “Overnight Celebrity” (cameo appearance) (Alyssa Shouse featuring Jason Derulo) (2010 Director: Justin Baldoni). “Text” (Mann featuring Jason Derulo) (2010 Director: Kevin Shulman).

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