Elgin Baylor Lumpkin (born 15 October 1970), better known by his stage name Ginuwine, is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. Signed to Epic Records since the mid-1990s. Ginuwine had released a number of multi-platinum and platinum-selling albums and singles, becoming one of R&B’s top artists during the late 1990s and early 2000s. He has sold over five million albums in the US. Born in Washington, D.C. Ginuwine is named after NBA legend Elgin Baylor, who is also a Washington native. In 1993, he graduated from Forestville High School (now known as Forestville Military Academy) in Forestville, Maryland and later graduated from Prince George’s Community College in Largo, Maryland with a paralegal associate’s degree.

Ginuwine began his career as a member of Swing Mob, a Rochester, New York-based record label and music compound founded by Donald “DeVante Swing” DeGrate, the leader of popular 90’s R&B group Jodeci. There, he met rapper Melissa “Missy” Elliott, singer-songwriter Stephen “Static Major” Garrett and producer Timothy “Timbaland” Mosley, who became his main collaborators through the 1990s. After Swing Mob folded, they continued working together on different projects, one of which was Ginuwine’s 1996 debut album, titled Ginuwine…The Bachelor. The first single, “Pony”, written by Static Major, showcased his smooth vocals and Timbaland’s innovative production style, and the two became a hit-making duo. “Pony” peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100, and was used in a karaoke scene from the film Wild Hogs in 2007. It was used again in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV in 2008.

In 2012, “Pony” was featured in a strip tease dance performed by Channing Tatum in the film Magic Mike. Mike Patton and Rahzel together perform a cover of “Pony” during their concerts. He covered Prince’s “When Doves Cry” single from the movie soundtrack Purple Rain. Within a year, Ginuwine lost both of his parents. He later wrote and recorded a song which is featured on his third album The Life entitled “Two Reasons I Cry”. In 2002, Ginuwine was a feature artist on P. Diddy’s number-one hit “I Need a Girl (Part II)”. Later that year, Ginuwine started his own label, Bag Entertainment. The label would feature artists such as Jose Cenquentez (who appeared on The Senior) and Knight.

Ginuwine’s fifth album, Back II Da Basics, was released on 15 November 2005. The album debuted at number 12 on the Billboard 200, selling close to 100,000 copies. He stated on BET’s Top 100 countdown that the album went Gold with sales of 500,000 copies In May 2007, an album entitled I Apologize was released in stores. Although attributed to Ginuwine, the release was an unauthorized album and included only three Ginuwine songs – apparently from stolen masters – and ten songs by other artists. Ginuwine spoke against the unofficial release on both his MySpace page and through YouTube. In 2007, Ginuwine collaborated with Canadian hip-hop artist Belly in the latter’s debut solo song “Pressure”, which was featured in Belly’s debut album the Revolution, released in June 2007.

Ginuwine’s sixth album entitled A Man’s Thoughts, was released on 23 June 2009. The album was produced by The Underdogs. B Cox, Timbaland, The Runners, Johnta Austin, Oak and Polow Da Don. The album includes guests appearances from Brandy, Missy Elliott, Bun B and Timbaland. Ginuwine formed a group with Tank and Tyrese named TGT. Their first single was a remix of Tank’s “Please Don’t Go”. They were supposed to tour but plans fell apart due to conflicting schedules.

Ginuwine announced on his Myspace Blog on 21 August 2008 that due to label and legal issues, they will not be able to release an official TGT album. He is the founder and CEO of LoveSong Incorporated, after completing his contract with 550 Music/Epic. Ginuwine announced on his Myspace blog on 21 August 2008 that he signed a major label deal with Notifi Records/Warner Brothers.

Ginuwine introduced producer MELROG and rapper Young Knight a.k.a. Knightron on the Back 2 Da Basics album. Currently Knightron is working on his own album under Ginuwine’s label BAG ENT. Ginuwine’s seventh studio album Elgin was released on Valentine’s Day in 2011.

Ginuwine is currently working on his eighth studio album, tentatively titled “Same Ol’ G…the Bachelor”, and recently confirmed that Timbaland and Missy Elliott would be producing the project. In 2007, he teamed up with Tyrese, and Tank and formed an R&B group among themselves called TGT and have signed to Atlantic Records in 2012. Their Grammy nominated debut album Three Kings was released in 2013. The first single of the album “Sex Never Felt Better” was released on iTunes on 14 February 2013 for Valentine’s Day.


Artist: Ginuwine
Title: Batteries (Trina)
Album: Elgin (CD)
Buy MP3: £1.29 (2011)
Buy Album: £7.59 (2011)
Artist: Ginuwine
Title: Trouble
Album: A Man’s Thoughts
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2009)
Buy Album: £7.99 (2009)
Artist: Ginuwine
Title: Sex (ft Solé)
Album: The Senior (Clean)
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2003)
Buy Album: £5.99 (2003)
Artist: Ginuwine
Title: That’s How I Get Down
Album: The Life
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2001)
Buy Album: £5.99 (2001)
Artist: Ginuwine
Title: So Anxious
Album: 100% Ginuwine
Buy MP3: £0.99 (1999)
Buy Album: £4.99 (1999)
Artist: Ginuwine
Title: Pony
Album: Ginuwine…the Bachelor
Buy MP3: £0.99 (1996)
Buy Album: £7.99 (1996)
Artist: Ginuwine
Title:  I Need (Explicit)
Album: Three Kings (TGT)
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2013)
Buy Album: £8.99 (2013)
Artist: Ginuwine
Title: In Those Jeans
Album: S.O.U.L.
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2011)
Buy Album: £2.48 (2011)
Artist: Ginuwine
Title: Differences
Album: Playlist: The Very Best of Ginuwine
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2008)
Buy Album: £7.99 (2008)
Title: When Doves Cry
Album: Greatest Hits
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2006)
Buy Album: £6.99 (2006)

As lead artist

“I Need” (with Tyrese and Tank as TGT) (2013 Album Three Kings), “Sex Never Felt Better” (with Tyrese and Tank as TGT) (2013 Album Three Kings), “What Could’ve Been (2010 Elgin), “Get Involved” (featuring Missy Elliott & Timbaland) (2010 A Man’s Thoughts), “Trouble” (featuring Bun B) (2010 A Man’s Thoughts), “I’m in Love” (2006 Back II Da Basics), “When We Make Love” (2006 Back II Da Basics), “Love You More” (2003 The Senior), (“In Those Jeans” 2003 The Senior Certifications: US: Gold), “Hell Yeah” (featuring Baby) (2003 The Senior), “Stingy” (2002 Barbershop OST), “Tribute to a Woman” (2002 The Life), “Just Because” (2001 The Life), “Differences” (2001 The Life US: Gold), “There It Is” (2001 The Life), “The Best Man I Can Be” (with Case, Tyrese, & R.L.) (1999 The Best Man OST), “None of Ur Friends Business” (1999 100% Ginuwine).

“So Anxious” (1999 100% Ginuwine), “What’s So Different?” (1999 100% Ginuwine), “Same Ol’ G” (1998 Dr. Dolittle OST soundtrack), “Holler” (featuring Nikki and Virginia Slim) (1998 Ginuwine…The Bachelor), “Only When Ur Lonely” (1998 Ginuwine…The Bachelor), “I’ll Do Anything/I’m Sorry” (1997), “When Doves Cry”, “Tell Me Do U Wanna”. “Pony” (1997 Ginuwine…The Bachelor Certifications: US: Platinum).

As a featured guest

“Pony (Jump on It)” (Tough Love) (2015 TBA) “Pressure” (Belly) (2007 The Revolution), “Crush Tonight” (Fat Joe) (2002 Loyalty), “I Need a Girl (Part Two)” (P. Diddy featuring Loon & Mario Winans) (2002 We Invented the Remix Vol. 1), “Take Away” (Missy Elliott featuring Tweet) (2001 Miss E… So Addictive), “It Wasn’t Me” (Sole featuring Ginuwine or J-Weav) (2000 Skin Deep), “You Owe Me” (Nas) (2000 Nastradamus).

Album appearances

“Pressure” (Belly) (2007 The Revolution), “Crush Tonight” (Fat Joe) (2002 Loyalty), “I Need a Girl (Part Two)” (P. Diddy featuring Loon, & Mario Winans) (2002 We Invented the Remix), “Take Away” (Missy Elliott featuring Ginuwine & Kameelah Williams of 702) (2001 Miss E… So Addictive), How Would You Like It” (Funkmaster Flex) (2000 The Mix Tape, Vol. IV), “You Owe Me” (Nas featuring Ginuwine) (2000 Nastradamus), “Keep It Real” (with Timbaland) (1998 Tim’s Bio: Life from da Bassment), “Friendly Skies” (Missy Elliott) (1997 Supa Dupa Fly), “Is This The End?” (Puff Daddy & The Family featuring Twista and Carl Thomas) (1997 No Way Out), “Joy” (Timbaland & Magoo featuring Playa) (1997 Welcome to Our World).


“I’m Feelin’ You” (1997 Film Men In Black), “Same Ol’ G” (1998 Film Dr. Dolittle), “Simply Irresistible” (2000 Film Romeo Must Die), “Can You Tell It’s Me” (2001 Film Down to Earth), “Stingy” (2002 Film Barbershop).

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