Frankie Paul

Paul Blake (19 October 1965 – 18 May 2017), better known as Frankie Paul, was a Jamaican dancehall reggae artist. Born blind, he has been dubbed by some ‘The Jamaican Stevie Wonder’. Born in Jamaica in 1965, Blake was born blind but as a child had his sight partially restored by an operation on a hospital ship. He sang for, and impressed Stevie Wonder when Wonder visited the school that Blake attended, prompting him to pursue a singing career.

Adopting the stage name Frankie Paul, he first found fame in the early 1980s, and he recorded prolifically throughout the decade. He has recorded for virtually every producer/studio in Jamaica at some time, and has been known to release several albums a year. Notable works of Frankie Paul include the popular “Sara” and “Worries in the Dance”. Paul has resided in The Gambia since 1994. In January 2016 he underwent surgery to amputate a foot and part of his leg. Frankie Paul died on 18 May 2017 at the University Hospital of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica.

Frankie Dancehall Paul has a voice that improves with each release and, although initially compared with Dennis Brown, he has evolved a strange nasal, throaty style that makes him sound much older. It’s the sheer exuberance of his best performances that give away his youthfulness, and his two London appearances have been joyous occasions.” – NME (4 May 1985).


Artist: Frankie Paul
Title: Worries In The Dance
Album: Most Wanted
Buy MP3: £0.99 (1992)
Buy Album: £8.99 (2011)
Artist: Frankie Paul
Title: Lose Your Love
Album: Tink Say Dem Know Me (Explicit)
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2008)
Buy Album: £7.99 (2008)
Artist: Frankie Paul
Title: You’re My Angel
Album: Best of Friends
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2005)
Buy Album: £6.49 (2005)
Artist: Frankie Paul
Title: Mr. Loverman
Album: Are You Ready
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2007)
Buy Album: £7.99 (2009)
Artist: Frankie Paul
Title: Who Issued the Guns
Album: Frankie Paul
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2006)
Buy Album: £5.99 (2011)
Artist: Frankie Paul
Title: Stuck on You
Album: Asking for Love
Buy MP3: £0.99 (1997)
Buy Album: £7.99 (1997)
Artist: Frankie Paul
Title: Boom Back Dat
Album: Hardcore Loving
Buy MP3: £0.99 (1996)
Buy Album: £6.99 (1996)
 Artist: Frankie Paul
 Title: Bless the Lord
 Album: Blessed Be
 Buy MP3: £0.99 (2009)
 Buy Album: £6.99 (2009)


Most Wanted (2011 Greensleeves). Tink Say Dem Know Me (2008 Jet Star). Best of Friends (2007 Charm). Are You Ready (2007 Cousins). Who Issued the Guns (2006 Music Avenue). Asking for Love (2004 Jet Star). Hardcore Loving (2003 Charm). Blessed Me (2002 Scorpio). Sara (2002 Fatman). Don’t Wanna Get Funky (2001 Prestige Elite). I Be Hold (2001 T.P.). Remember the Time (2001 Artists Only). Every Nigger Is a Star! (2000 Greensleeves). Rock On (1999 Charm). Forever (1999 World). Give Me That Feeling Freedom Blues (1999 Foxtail). Live at Maritime Hall (1999 Artists Only). A We Rule (1997 RAS). Freedom (1996 RAS). Come Back Again (1996 VP). If You Want Me Girl (1995 Trojan). Time Less (1995 Tan-yah). Hard Work (1994 RAS). Talk All You Want (1994 VP). Don Man (1993 Philo). Sizzling (1992 VP). Live & Love (1992 VP).

Cassanova (1992 Dynamic Sounds). Tomorrow (1992 Sonic Sounds). Hot Number (1992 VP). Sleepless Night (1992 Sonic Sounds).  Money Talk (1991 Jammy’s). Should I (1991 Heartbeat). Jamming (1991 VP). Let’s Chill (1991 VP). Best in Me (1991 VP). Start of Romance (1991 Sonic Sounds). Get Closer (1990 Profile). Detrimental (1990 Rohit). Can’t Get You Out of My Mind (1990 Rohit). Reaching Out (1989 Blue Mountain). Veteran (1989 VP). Frankie Paul at Studio One (1988 Studio One). Slow Down (1988 VP). Dance Hall Duo (1988 RAS). Fire Deh a Mus Tail (1988 Blacka Dread). Alesha (1987). Warning (1987 RAS). Sara (1987) Jammy’s (JA) / Live & Love (UK/US). Shut Up Bway (1986 Ujama). Still Alive (1985 Jammy’s), Over the Wall (1985 Crystal). Tidal Wave (1985 Greensleeves). Pass the Ku-Sheng Peng (1985 Nyam Up). Give The Youth A Chance (1982 Freedom Sounds) – also released as Rich & Poor.

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