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Brandon Paak Anderson (born 8 February 1986), known professionally as Anderson .Paak, is an American recording artist and music producer from Oxnard, California. He released his debut album, O.B.E. Vol. 1 in 2012, under the pseudonym Breezy Lovejoy. He went on to release Venice in 2014, under his current moniker. Paak followed with Malibu, in 2016. Apart from his solo career, Paak is also one-half of NxWorries, alongside record producer Knxwledge. Paak was born into a Black and Korean family in Oxnard, California in 1986. At the age of seven, Paak witnessed his estranged father a former Air Force mechanic attack his mother: “My little sister and I went out front, and my pops was on top of my mom.

There was blood in the street. He was arrested, and that was the last time I saw him. I think he did 14 years.” He began producing music from his bedroom as a teenager. His first experiences performing were as a drummer at his family’s church. In 2011, prior to being a successful working musician, Paak was working at a marijuana farm in Santa Barbara. He was let go without warning, becoming homeless together with his wife and infant son.

In 2011, Paak had started earning acceptance in the Los Angeles music world, and had begun working on his debut album. Shafiq Husayn of Sa-Ra helped Paak recover financially from losing his job in Santa Barbara by employing him as an assistant, videographer, editor, writer, and producer. He completed O.B.E. Vol.1, and released the album in mid-2012. He became the drummer for American Idol contestant Haley Reinhart. On 27 November 2013, Paak produced and recorded Cover Art, an all-covers EP.

Paak was inspired by the white artists of the 1950s who achieved commercial success by remaking songs written by black blues and R&B singers while hardly ever compensating the original artists. Cover Art reversed the process and transformed folk and rock classics from white musicians into a mold of soul, jazz, hip hop, and R&B. The album was released by the independent Hellfyre Club and OBE labels. Paak was the lead producer for Watsky’s 2014 release All You Can Do and is featured on three of the album’s tracks.

On 28 October 2014, Paak released Venice, his debut album as Anderson Paak, on OBE and Steel Wool. Paak performed on six songs on Dr. Dre’s 2015 album Compton and two on The Game’s The Documentary 2. In October 2015, he announced that he had recorded material with ScHoolboy Q and 9th Wonder. Paak released his second album, Malibu, on 15 January 2016, to critical acclaim. In January 2016, Anderson indicated that he has been recording with Flying Lotus. On 30 January 2016, Paak spoke with Scott Simon of NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday in an interview entitled: “Anderson .Paak: ‘The Dot Stands For Detail’ ” about his tumultuous background as a child of mixed-race parents, the significance of “.” (dot) Paak, his apprenticeship with Dr. Dre and how all of these influences shaped his music.

On 30 January, Paak announced via Twitter he has signed to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment. In 2016, Paak was named to the XXL Freshman cover along with Lil Dicky, Desiigner, Dave East, Denzel Curry, Lil Yachty, G Herbo, Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, & Kodak Black.


Artist: NxWorries
Title: Get Bigger / Do U Luv
Album: Yes Lawd! (Explicit)
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2016)
Buy Album: £7.99 (2016)
Artist: Anderson Paak
Title: Come Down
Album: Malibu (Explicit)
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2016)
Buy Album: £7.99 (2016)
Artist: Anderson .Paak
Title: Might Be
Album: Venice (Explicit)
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2014)
Buy Album: £4.99 (2014)
Artist: NxWorries
Title: Anthrtime
Album: Link Up & Suede
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2015)
Buy Album: £3.59 (2015)
Artist: Blended Babies
Title: Make It Work
Album: The Anderson .Paak EP
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2015)
Buy Album: £2.69 (2015)
Artist: Breezy Lovejoy
Title: No Draws (Explicit)
Album: Violets Are Blue
Buy MP3: £0.99 (2010)
Buy Album: £2.97 (2010)

Yes Lawd! (with Knxwledge as NxWorries) (2016).  Malibu (2016),  Venice (2014). Lovejoy (as Breezy Lovejoy) (2012). O.B.E. Vol. 1 (as Breezy Lovejoy) (2012).

Link Up & Suede (with Knxwledge, as NxWorries) (2015). The Anderson .Paak EP (with Blended Babies) (2015). Cover Art (2013). Violets Are Blue (as Breezy Lovejoy) (2010).

“Come Down” (featuring T.I.) (2016 Malibu). “Room in Here” (featuring The Game) (2016 Malibu). “Link Up” (with Knxwledge, as NxWorries) (2015 Link Up & Suede). “Am I Wrong” (featuring ScHoolboy Q) (2015 Malibu). “The Season / Carry Me” (2015 Malibu). “Miss Right” (2014 Venice). “Drugs” (2014 Venice).  “Whatever at Fike” (2010 non-album single).

Guest appearances
“Dang!” (Mac Miller) (2016 Album The Divine Feminine). “Responsibilities” (Thane, BJ the Chicago Kid) (2016 Album Topia). “No Slaves” (Knox Brown) (2016 Album Searching). “Blank Face” (ScHoolboy Q) (2016 Album Blank Face LP). “Money on Me” (Snakehips) (2016 Album Money on Me). “Glowed Up” (Kaytranada) (2016 Album 99.9%). “Dapper” (Domo Genesis) (2016 Album Genesis). “IT G MA Remix (josh pan Opus)” (Keith Ape) (2016). “Dance Off” Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Idris Elba (2016 This Unruly Mess I’ve Made). “Church” (West Coast Remix) (BJ the Chicago Kid) (2015). “Put My Hands on You” (Dean) (2015).

“Found in You” (Tokimonsta) (2015). “Put It Down” (Tokimonsta) (2015 Fovere). “Unique” (GoldLink) (2015 And After That, We Didn’t Talk). “Worlds to Run” (Busdriver) (2015 Thumbs). “Bloomingdales” (White Boiz) (2015 Neighborhood Wonderful). “The Strip” (MED, Blu, Madlib) (2015 Bad Neighbor). “Crenshaw / 80s and Cocaine” (The Game, Sonyae Elise) (2015 The Documentary 2.5). “Magnus Carlsen” (The Game) (2015 The Documentary 2.5). Medicine Man” (Dr. Dre, Eminem, Candice Pillay) (2015 Compton). “Animals” (Dr. Dre) (2015 Compton). “For the Love of Money” (Dr. Dre, Jon Connor, Jill Scott) (2015 Compton). “Deep Water” (Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, Justus) (2015 Compton). “Issues” (Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Dem Jointz) (2015 Compton). “All in a Day’s Work” (Dr. Dre, Marsha Ambrosius) (2015 Compton). “Cold Crush” (Jose Rios)(2015 Jose Rios). “Liberation” (Sir) (2015 Seven Sundays). “Own Life” (Vindata) (2015 Through Time and Space…).  “Shifty” (Mike Gao) (2015).

“Til It’s Done” (DJ Premier, BMB Spacekid) (2015), “Green Light” (Jonwayne) (Jonwayne Is Retired), “Get Along” (EOM) (2015 Sunrain), “Sexy Sadie” (Kush Mody) (2014 Creature Comforts and a Collection of Songs), “Locked” (Kush Mody) (2014 Creature Comforts and a Collection of Songs), “Freight Train” (Kush Mody) (Creature Comforts and a Collection of Songs), “New Days” (Kush Mody) (Creature Comforts and a Collection of Songs), “Realla” (Tokimonsta) (2014 Desiderium), “A Day Trip to the Nightosphere” Milo (2014 A Toothpaste Suburb), “It’s Better for You” (Shafiq Husayn) (2014).

“My Supernova” (Tiron & Ayomari) (2014 A Sucker for Pumps: Limited Edition), “Hand Over Hand” (Watsky) (2014 All You Can Do), “Ink Don’t Bleed” (Watsky) (All You Can Do), “Stand for Something” (Watsky) (2014 All You Can Do), “Too Much to Ask” (Nocando) (2014 Jimmy the Burnout), “Feels Good” (Wax) (2013 Continue), “Sweet Day” (Jose Rios) (2013 To Live and Grow in LA).

“Prelection” (Jose Rios) (2013 To Live and Grow in LA). “AimShootReload” (EOM) (2013 ForAllWeKnow)  “I’m on It” (EOM) (2013 ForAllWeKnow). “Summer Breeze” (EOM) (2013 ForAllWeKnow). “Dreaming Out Loud” (Mike B.) (2012 Dear Michael, You’re Welcome). “Much Better” (Verbs) (2012 The Progress EP 3: Manifest Awesome). “Drinking Alone” (Dumbfoundead) (2012 Take the Stares). “Fuck It” (Dumbfoundead) (2012 Take the Stares). “Wine” (Dumbfoundead) (2012 Take the Stares). “Body High” (Dumbfoundead) (2012 Love Everyday EP). “No More Sunny Days” (Dumbfoundead) (2011 DFD). “Bitch (Dumbfoundead) (2011 DFD). “Cell Phone” (Dumbfoundead) (2011 DFD). “Sing My Song” (Verbs) (2010 The Progress EP 2: Fuck Yea Man). “The Follow Through” (Afro Classics) (2009 The Classic EP). “Do Thangs” (Afro Classics) (2009 The Classic EP).

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